Phase 1 – Schematic Design / Site Evaluation

  • Client meetings to establish the building program and to review the design concepts.
  • Research existing site data and prepare a site base drawing.
  • Arrange pre-design meetings with city / county staff to determine project acceptability and any design issues of particular concern.
  • Develop preliminary site and floor plan based upon the client’s program.
  • Develop preliminary elevation(s) of building.
  • Review the preliminary designs with the city / county staff.

Phase 2 – Design Development / Planning Permit Processing (For non-residential projects)

  • Refine the design of the preliminary site and floor plans.
  • Develop all building exterior elevations.
  • Coordinate the design work with consultants as may be required.
  • Prepare planning permit applications.
  • Provide the development plan package, which will include site plans, floor plans, exterior elevations, building sections, and roof plan.
  • Prepare the materials and color board.
  • Coordinate the planning submittal process.
  • Represent the client at public hearing(s).

Phase 3 – Construction Documents / Building Permit Processing

  • Provide Architectural Construction Documents based upon the client and city/county approved schematic plans and elevations.
  • Provide sheet format material specifications.
  • Provide and coordinate consulting engineering documents, including civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical engineers, landscape architect, and interior designer, as may be required.
  • Coordinate our work with client contracted consulting engineers or product suppliers, as may be required.
  • Provide meetings and coordination throughout the process.
  • Submit and process construction documents for plan check and building permit approval process.
  • Assist in obtaining other governmental agency sign-offs, as may be required.

Phase 4 – Bidding / Construction Administration

  • Prepare and distribute Bid Documents to General Contractors and assist in the bidding process.
  • Provide basic Construction Administration services, including:
    • Jobsite observation visits/construction meetings.
    • Drawing clarifications and supplemental documents as necessary.
    • Review Contractor submittals and shop drawings.
    • Review Change Orders and Contractor Payment Requests.
    • Final Walk-Through, Punch List, and Certificate of Substantial Completion.